February 26, 2010

Shoveling Sidewalks: Learn to Love It

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The recent local snowstorms got silversprung spouse and I thinking- what are Montgomery County’s snow removal laws? As proud new owners of a sidewalk (okay, and the house behind it, too) we wanted to make sure we knew the snow shoveling guidelines.

I checked MoCo’s website and the long and the short of it is: you’ve got 24 hours after the snowfall ends. Read the rest of this entry »


El Gavilan: Hype or Hyper Delicioso?

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I’ve been hearing about El Gavilan for a while now, even though I don’t live anywhere near it. Now that it will be in my new city, I’m trying to track down some reviews for the place.

It’s billed as the most authentic and delicious Salvadoran food around. The reviews on Yelp! suggest that customers have few complaints about the food itself, which is good. But the words “karaoke hour” threw me for a loop. Hmm… karaoke and Salvadoran food?

A smattering of review quotes: Read the rest of this entry »

Making a Personal Budget- Google Docs

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Now that we have a home, our budget will change from “saving for a house” to “saving for our house.” Okay, that doesn’t seem that different when I type it, out, but all of a sudden, we are going to have brand new expenses we’ve never had before. I like to be organized (and frankly, just like organizing data) so I’ve been trolling the Internet for a simple personal budget tool.

The winner for me was a Google Doc template. If you establish a gmail email account, you have access to a wide array of Google Docs that are stored online and can be shared between different users (for example, silversprung spouse can make changes and save, I can do the same.)

Check out the template after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

Woke up This Morning… a Homeowner

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Today was my first day waking up as a homeowner, and let me tell you, it’s definitely a mix of excitement and fear. The house is even better than we remembered, but I already got freaked out because we couldn’t find the water meter.

I thought, “we don’t know anything about owning a home!” several times during the walk-through. What if a pipe breaks? The floor caves in?

So our move-in date is not for three weeks. We actually contemplated just going over there last night and drinking a bottle of champagne in the empty living room. But we had dinner instead. Silver Spring, here I come.

February 25, 2010

Furnish This

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When we started looking for living room pieces, we had some general parameters: not super stuffy; not ultra-modern Jonathan Adler-wannabe stuff; comfortable; and within our budget. Our search began — like most searches these days — online where we scanned the obvious possibilities, Macy’s, Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen, Restoration Hardware, you name it.

But it was Bethesda’s Loft Living where we ended up purchasing our first pieces. Read the rest of this entry »

FRESHFARM Markets to the Rescue

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On Tuesday, I blogged about Ocean City Seafood in “A Wrong Turn Yields Big Fish” and I mentioned at the end that I hoped I could find quality produce in the area. Well, I found it: FRESHFARM Markets, a weekend farmers’ market located in downtown Silver Spring.

Even though it’s not their “regular season” right now, it’s open every Saturday in March from 10am-1pm.

It’s going to be hard to top hanging out with Carla from Top Chef at the Bethesda Farmer’s Market, but it looks awesome. Wait a sec… Read the rest of this entry »

Closing Time

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Today’s closing day on the house. Fingers crossed.

We also have our final walk-through. What happens at a final walk-through? Here’s an explainer from about.comhttp://homebuying.about.com/od/homeshopping/qt/Walkthrough.htm

And their list for what to check: Read the rest of this entry »

February 24, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Want to Live in Silver Spring, MD

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10. Golf- I don’t play, but I feel like I would be remiss leaving this off the list for silversprung spouse (who will be awfully close to Sligo Creek in a few short weeks..)

9. Quarry House Tavern – Looking forward to spending more time there now that it will be in our neighborhood. Best dive/not dive ever

8. The arts- SS has a ton of art-related events and businesses

7. Brookside Gardens– Yeah, it’s in Wheaton, but we love going there. Now it will be close by and won’t be a production to visit — and in general, there are also a lot of parks/bike paths in SS. Nature-tastic.

6. Oriental East– Dim sum extravaganza! (Question for locals out there- what’s the best time to go?)

Top 5 after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

Mayorga and Costco: A Match Made in Bulk Goods Heaven

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Mayorga, we barely knew ye

Nestled between the buckets of Folgers and Maxwell House in one of the Beltsville Costco’s food aisles Sunday sat large, fairly priced bags of Mayorga coffee. I was shocked. The Maryland-based coffee part of the Mayorga corporation had obviously been doing well.

Mayorga Coffee Factory in Silver Spring was an awesome find for us. We loved the coffee, what the company stood for, and the atmosphere of the Silver Spring location.

But I just searched for a link to Mayorga’s Silver Spring location. IT CLOSED in December! Apparently it moved to Takoma Park, so it’s not far, but still… come on Mayorga, work with me here.

Fillmore: Large and in Charge

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I read about the Fillmore’s planned construction in Jason Tomassini’s piece in The Gazette and the description of the venue definitely piqued my interest. It looks like they’re aiming to speed things up and open in the fall of 2011.

I would be thrilled to have such a great concert venue in my backyard, and I imagine it would really boost the local economy… Still… I wonder if there is opposition to these plans either from neighbors or city planners (parking, anyone?) or the community? Seems ginormous to me.

Check out quotes from the Gazette after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

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