February 23, 2010

A Wrong Turn Yields Big Fish

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Rockfish... yum

Rockfish... yum

Last Sunday, silversprung spouse and I decided to drive around Silver Spring. We had to make a supermarket stop, so we checked out the Giant on Arliss Street. That shopping trip was fine, but that’s really not the point of this post…

After the supermarket we tried to drive home, but turned down the wrong street.  That’s when silverspring spouse yelled out, “There it is!”

I scanned the strip-mall horizon for something exciting. As I waited with bated breath, silversprung spouse pointed out a red, non-descript awning that read: Ocean City Seafood. “That’s it?” I asked. Silversprung spouse (herein referred to as SSspouse) said the place came highly recommended and SSspouse wanted to check it out. I was tired from a day of running errands so I decided to wait in the car.

I won’t make that mistake again.

SSspouse didn’t intend to buy anything in Ocean City, but came back with a pound of fresh Gulf shrimp that had never been frozen, something nearly impossible to find in the area. SSspouse had a chat with one of the Ocean City managers, Nicholas, while SSspouse was browsing. Nicholas said they’ve been in business over 30 years.

Nicholas noted the “no-frills” appearance of the place. He said the owner was contemplating a renovation, but the regulars convinced him not to in order to keep prices down. The company owns their own fishing fleet, which allows them to sell premium fresh fish and seafood for a great value. He said they supply many restaurants in the area.

SSspouse reports that the Chilean sea bass, rockfish, and flounder all looked amazing, but SSspouse wants to go back when they have fresh lobsters.

I didn’t go in said establishment, but I can attest that the shrimp cocktail last night and jambalaya tonight were amazing.

Next, we need some good recommendations for produce. Any good farmers’ markets in the area?



  1. M said,

    We definitely need to check that fish place out soon.

    There’s a Fresh Farm Market in the main drag of DTSS (Ellesworth drive) that is now year round! on Saturdays.

    And of course, there’s also the market in Takoma that’s right downtown Sundays.

    Both markets have lots of fresh veggies, fruits, free range meat, baked goods, dairy products, flowers, etc.

    Hope your move goes well today!

  2. […] and silversprung spouse grilled up two whole Rockfish for our guests. (We got the Rockfish from Ocean City Seafood, of […]

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