February 23, 2010


Posted in musings tagged , , , , , , , at 7:00 am by silversprung

In T minus 18 days, I will be a resident of Silver Spring, MD.

I’ve tried to do my homework — studying reviews of local businesses, talking to friends who live in the area, driving through the neighborhoods — but my knowledge of Silver Spring remains surface-level at best. That’s where this blog comes in…

I hope that by chronicling my experience getting to know Silver Spring, I can provide entertainment for readers as well as some useful information here and there. Maybe one day, this will be a site where you can find out who comes recommended as the best local handyman and what time to visit the Beltsville Costco, where to get the best margaritas and who is organizing babysitting co-ops, and what really is the best Ethiopian restaurant in the city.

So, check back here often for posts, pictures and stories on my journey to get Sprung on The Spring…

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