February 24, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Want to Live in Silver Spring, MD

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10. Golf- I don’t play, but I feel like I would be remiss leaving this off the list for silversprung spouse (who will be awfully close to Sligo Creek in a few short weeks..)

9. Quarry House Tavern – Looking forward to spending more time there now that it will be in our neighborhood. Best dive/not dive ever

8. The arts- SS has a ton of art-related events and businesses

7. Brookside Gardens– Yeah, it’s in Wheaton, but we love going there. Now it will be close by and won’t be a production to visit — and in general, there are also a lot of parks/bike paths in SS. Nature-tastic.

6. Oriental East– Dim sum extravaganza! (Question for locals out there- what’s the best time to go?)

Top 5 after the jump:5. Great public schools options, options

4. Location- We’ll still be close to DC, to our workplaces, to our friends, and we get a mix of urban/suburban.

3. The community- We have great friends in the neighborhood and we like that there are many young couples living in The Spring.

2. Downtown scene– Cannot wait to explore it

1. Our first house-  This has to be #1. BBQs in nice weather, fires in the fireplace in the winter, and it’s bigger than a breadbox. We close tomorrow!

(Alright, alright. I’m sure it won’t all be roses, but this is a Top 10 List, after all. Maybe a few months in, I’ll do a Top 10 Gripes List…)



  1. welcome to SS! Brookide in Wheaton – technically is SS so that counts. As to best times for OE dim sum, early, but i think standing in line os part of the experience.

    • Sheila said,

      I am going to land on the silver Spring area very soon. I have a child and he needs to start his school this year. I have been trying to contact Silver Spring public education service but could not find any email or phone number. Could one of you kindly help me with such information. I really need to contact the public school office about my child.

  2. Jenn Book Haselswerdt said,

    Welcome to the Sprung! As another DC-transplant (been living in SS for two years now), I don’t feel any less urban than I did in my old neighborhood. I love your top 10, particularly #9 (as a Quarry House frequenter) and #8 (as a person who works in the arts).

  3. Terry in Silver Spring said,

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

    The best time to go to Oriental East for dim sum is about 15 min before they open. You stand in line for less time then you’ll end up waiting if you arrive later.

    • silversprung said,

      From an OE expert!

      • Terry in Silver Spring said,

        There was a Phyllis Richman revew of Oriental East, before she retired. She talked about getting the advice to arrive before 11am and not understanding it until she saw someone running to get in line. 🙂 She also reviewed the restaurant as one of the best dim sum placed in the regions.

        If you are there on a weekday, you can order dim sim a la cart, too.

  4. Liz said,

    You can c’mon up to Wheaton for some dim sum, too. Wong Gee and New Kam Fong on University, and Hollywood East in the mall (whenever it reopens – soon I hope!) Lines are way less than Oriental East and in my opinion the food is better too.

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