February 24, 2010

As Visions of AstroTurf Dance in My Head

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Grass- The Kind That Grows

Yesterday, I remembered a bizarre experience of arriving in Silver Spring to find throngs of people gathered on hard, scratchy AstroTurf — eating ice cream cones, playing frisbee, picnicking and everyone was acting like they were frolicking in real grass. It was like something out of Soylent Green out there.

This must have been sometime in the spring/summer of 2007.

I just Googled to find out if I’m losing my mind. Turns out, I’m not. (At least not about this…) The area of downtown Silver Spring known as “Veterans Plaza” was, in fact, covered with an AstroTurf-like material. If I wasn’t so baffled by the experience, I might have gone over to touch the plastic stuff to find out it was actually something called SoftLawn. I wonder if it was really soft? But that does explain the multitudes of seemingly sane people sitting on and running barefoot in the stuff.

I have no idea what’s there now. I read that the SoftLawn is no more. Will have to check it out this weekend.

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