February 24, 2010

Fillmore: Large and in Charge

Posted in entertainment theater, news, silver spring businesses tagged , , , , , at 1:29 pm by silversprung

I read about the Fillmore’s planned construction in Jason Tomassini’s piece in The Gazette and the description of the venue definitely piqued my interest. It looks like they’re aiming to speed things up and open in the fall of 2011.

I would be thrilled to have such a great concert venue in my backyard, and I imagine it would really boost the local economy… Still… I wonder if there is opposition to these plans either from neighbors or city planners (parking, anyone?) or the community? Seems ginormous to me.

Check out quotes from the Gazette after the jump:

The 28,000-square-foot Fillmore music club will break ground in October and open in September 2011 on Colesville Road…

Plans include a three-floor music venue with a standing-room capacity of 2,000 people and the option to install seating for events like community meetings, business conferences, stand-up comedy and children’s performers, Lee said. The first floor will contain a lobby and general admission viewing area, the second floor a balcony with potential seating and a basement level will have bathrooms and a private area for performers…


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