February 26, 2010

El Gavilan: Hype or Hyper Delicioso?

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I’ve been hearing about El Gavilan for a while now, even though I don’t live anywhere near it. Now that it will be in my new city, I’m trying to track down some reviews for the place.

It’s billed as the most authentic and delicious Salvadoran food around. The reviews on Yelp! suggest that customers have few complaints about the food itself, which is good. But the words “karaoke hour” threw me for a loop. Hmm… karaoke and Salvadoran food?

A smattering of review quotes:From Yelp!:

“Music is quite loud, so if you are looking for a romantic evening, this would not be the place for you…”

“I would say the seating arrangement needs to be redone…”

“I come here for the pupusas. The service is pleasant, never pushy, attentive, and they pretty much leave you alone…”

From Yahoo!:

“The food is outstanding the flavors cannot be matched anywhere in my opinion to-date (even in other cities).”

“The Fajitas al Carbon are excellant [sic]. The papusas, tamales, platanos, frijoles and flan bring back memories of my time in Central America.”

I’ve got to check it out for myself. Pupusas. Yum.

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