March 1, 2010

Adventures in Grilling with Silversprung Spouse

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This weekend I posed to silversprung spouse what turned out to be a ridiculous question: Have you started researching the type of grill you want to buy for our new house?

As a basic griller myself, I’m fairly confident I can operate and cook on a variety of grills, but wouldn’t know where to start when buying one. So, I’ve decided to share silversprung spouse’s suggestions on purchasing a grill from the selection currently available in major department stores:

(Note: I couldn’t resist quoting some of this info directly)

1. Charcoal or Gas? Silversprung spouse says “both!” For charcoal SSspouse recommends a standard Weber grill. Here’s a selection from Sears: They run about $70 and up for a standing grill (less for portable, more for additional options.)

2. Gas Grill Options? From SSspouse: “There are a few things I need to take into consideration — The amount of BTUs; quality of cooking surface; size of cooking surface; sturdiness of construction; quality of lighting components; then bells and whistles, things like built-in infrared lights that allow you to cook in the dark, outlets to plug in radios, etc.” (Here’s where I interjected:”Infrared lights?!”)

3. So What’s This Gas Grill Going to Cost? SSspouse: “Taking into consideration all of those things [listed above]. There’s basically three different price points we can look at: $250-500, $500-$1000, and then $1000+. The $250-$500 range is estimated to last 2-3 years and several more years if you take care of it. The mid-range has about the same shelf-life, and the top range is if you really want to invest. So,the $250-$500 range makes sense for us.”

4. What Options Do You Think We Need? SSspouse: “Well, I want some bells and whistles, but I prefer sturdier construction and a lot of BTUs. And as far as cooking surface, I would like 600 square inches, but might end up with 400 sq inches instead. And then burners. Most grills have two burners, I’d like three or four burners.”


  1. I saw the grill this weekend it has 5 burners one is the new infrared technology that is used for searing, now the question becomes have them assemble and deliver for $75 bucks or home assembly?

  2. Julia said,

    I have a friend out here whose grill has a deep fryer attached to it. GET THAT ONE.

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