March 2, 2010

Dear Plastic Tape: It’s Over

Posted in musings, open letters tagged , , at 2:33 pm by silversprung

Dear Plastic Tape:

For years, I foolishly believed clear plastic tape was the answer. You’re durable. You’re waterproof. And you come in neat little roller dispensers.

Sadly, I realize now that I have been deceived.

Paper tape is everything you could never be and more. Paper tape effortlessly tears in my hands. Did you read that? I’m not ashamed to tell you. No scissors required! Ever. In fact, a dispenser is frankly unnecessary with paper tape!!

All those years I wasted searching for your missing edge! One wrong tear and your edge would disappear, sending me on a fruitless journey of scraping and scratching, in the hopes of recovering a shred of an edge, something to cling to.

Paper packing tape never loses its edge. The search is over. You’ve been replaced.



(Yes. I have been utterly consumed by moving boxes this week. Can you tell?)

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