March 3, 2010

You Want Me to Do What?: Apartment Edition

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All of this recent house-hunting reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago while searching for apartments to rent in D.C. The Post ad was for a first-floor rowhouse apartment in Adams Morgan — and it was totally affordable. Naive little silversprung. That was too good to be true from the start.

I went to the renter’s open house and I was completely amazed. An exposed brick wall of my own! A working fireplace? A huge bay window overlooking the street.

I was in love. This place was perfect.

Hardwood floors. High ceilings. It was a sizable studio.

Then we got to the bathroom.

“So here’s the shower. It’s got a full size tub,” the landlord said.  I was nodding, eyeing the grout, checking the water pressure.

“And because the tub is deep, it’s also easier to wash the dishes there.”

“Excuse me?”

“Wash the dishes. That sink is pretty shallow,” she said, pointing to the little bathroom sink.

The tide was a-turnin’.

“Well, this apartment doesn’t have a kitchen, so no kitchen sink, obviously.”

“Right. Right. Obviously,” I replied.

“But you can get one of those little plastic drain covers to make sure the tub doesn’t get clogged.”

I suddenly thought of ketchup between my toes.

I left and never looked back. Sure enough, someone else snapped the place up that day.

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