March 4, 2010

To Each His… Home

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We saw it all while we were house hunting: painted wood floors, checkerboard wall accents, a refrigerator in every room.

Some houses stank of cigars, others of mildew and mold. One house had last been updated in 1950- including the electrical wiring and all appliances, including a push-button stove that was 7 feet long with two burners.

One house literally had a jersey wall to the beltway in the backyard. Before we visited that one, a realtor said it sounded like NASCAR when you went outside. He was right.

Of course if you have the vision (and the money) required to make immediate major changes to a new house, these things can be fixed right away. But for those of us without that, it was just plain entertaining.

I have no desire to “out” the less appealing houses of Silver Spring, but I did search the Internet for examples and found this site. Oh my. See crazy photos after the jump:Pillow overload

Craziest Mirror, Ever

A kitchen only a mother could love…

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