March 5, 2010

In Case of Emergency

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As I prep for the essentials we need for our new home, I came across advertising for grab-and-go emergency kits. These backpacks all include the same sort of items: water, bandages, food, blankets, matches, dust masks.

It got me thinking about what SSspouse and I would want in an emergency if we already had a real emergency kit. On top of the safety items and food and water, what things would we want most if we had an empty backpack and we were stuck somewhere with no power for a few days?

So here’s silversprung’s “Non-Emergency Emergency Kit”:

1. Deck of cards- Assuming we have no power. I can play “spit” for hours. [Right mom?] And then there’s poker. A little gin. Some Go-Fish even.

2. Bottle of wine- No cups necessary. And make it a screw top.

3. Toothbrush and toothpaste- Keep us a little normal.

4. Clean underwear- it’s not in those other kits, but would be much appreciated.

5. The Complete Shakespeare- I think it’s the largest book we own, so if I had to pick one, it would be this. Plus, I can read and re-read all that stuff for days and not get bored.

6. Trail mix- If I’m permitted to add one food item to this backpack, I’m picking protein, fat and flavor.

7. Batiste dry hair shampoo– I love this stuff. It’s sprayable, it’s lightweight. It’s going in the bag.

8. Jimi Hendrix album- Okay. Let me explain. I determined the other night that Jimi Hendrix is the only music you can listen to for any mood- be it joy, anger, sadness. So this would be my choice soundtrack.

9. Shorts for silversprung spouse. SSspouse has some favorite loungers. I think SSspouse would appreciate at least one pair.

And finally…

10. Let’s throw in another bottle of wine. We’ve got a few days to kill. So sue me.

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