March 9, 2010

Home Sweet Security

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Silver Spring isn’t a hotbed of crime, but there have been recent reports of an increase in area home break-ins and some disturbing violent crime in the neighborhood.

Multiple options exist out there for protecting ones home, from purchasing and installing your own monitoring system to finding a local home security vendor to contracting with a nationwide company.

National companies (ADT and Brinks, for example) often have the highest price tag, but you’re also paying for an organized customer service system, evaluation and experience.

Anyone out there have experience with a local Maryland home security company? Discuss.


  1. Kate said,

    We got ADT installed… and now we have 3 yards signs ;). We’ve been happy so far.

  2. silversprung said,

    Good to know. I’ll have to update with the vendors post-evals. Thanks!

  3. pinkstate said,

    We live in Takoma Park and also used ADT after a spate of break-ins a couple of years ago. We thought the price was reasonable and we’ve been happy with them so far.

  4. Ted said,

    Waste of money, imo. There are many thousands of houses in such a small area. You could leave all doors unlocked for decades and never have a problem. Sure, bad stuff happens occasionally here as everywhere. But it’s a numbers thing. The odds of getting hit are incredibly low.

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