March 10, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blog

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As you’ve probably noticed, my blog volume has dropped considerably this week, and it’s all because of packing. We’re getting down to the wire — a mere three days and counting — until the big move. Besides finding out that nearly everything in our medicine cabinet had expired, it’s been pretty uneventful. But it’s been time-consuming nonetheless.

I wanted to take this opportunity to give some virtual shout-outs to the first few Silver Spring-related blogs I’ve discovered (or who discovered me.)

Check these out:

Silver Spring Singular: This blog has already proved useful to me- reviews of local businesses, news updates, etc. Plus, you can’t beat a blogger who knows a good bagel when he sees one.

The Dad Report: Regardless of whether you have children, anyone can appreciate this blogger’s hilarious take on parenting and living in the area. Definitely some laugh out loud posts on there. Vomiting included.

Just Up The Pike: I’m highly impressed by the level of depth offered by The Pike about urban planning and other issues impacting the area. Plus, I enjoy the musings as well as the rundowns of great local events.

This is just for starters. Check these blogs out in their permanent home in my blogroll. Hope to connect with more local blogs in the coming weeks!


  1. JCphilatemap said,

    Advice from a serial packer:
    1. Act now to help you in unpacking: you will NOT be opening up every box at the same time, and you won’t want to. The time it will take you to not only put the name of the destination room on each box, but a summary of its contents, will come back to you many times over later on, helping you avoid opening and sifting through boxes unnecessarily to find out what’s in them. There will be destination kitchen boxes, for instance, which you will want to open up the first afternoon, and others you can wait to open during the following week.
    2. Put the summary contents information on the side of the box, not on the top: your boxes will be stacked on delivery, and you want to avoid lifting and restacking just to find the box which has the contents you need.
    3. As you pack, edit: you avoided packing outdated prescriptions by looking at the labels. Consider having a “donation” packing box handy — “one for me, one for the Salvation Army,” to avoid moving and paying to move stuff you know you’re going to get rid of after you move. Ask yourself, what are the chances you’ll ever re-read that book, listen to that CD, watch that DVD? If low, give someone else a chance to enjoy it, and add to your charitable contribution deduction at the same time.
    4. You may THINK you’re going to have unlimited storage space at your new home, but vacuums have a way of sucking up material on their own. Instead of packing those worn items, those “one glass left of a set of six,” those old magazines you’ll get to read someday, that pair of shoes that look pretty but hurt your feet, and that inexpensive housewarming gift that leaves you cold…keep a big, reinforced, garbage bag handy, too.
    Good luck!

  2. ChowOldFat said,

    Two words: Yard Sale!

    Welcome to the neighborhood btw from a born and raised Silver Springer.

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