March 11, 2010

First Night Essentials

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There’s no way we’ll be able to unpack and find everything we’ll need for our first night and morning in our new house Saturday, so I’ve decided to pack up a bag with all the essentials. Below is my list of everything I think we’ll need on the first night. Am I forgetting anything?

Pillows, mattress pad, sheets and blanket

Toilet paper

Toothbrush and toiletries

A shower curtain, liner, and curtain rings

Bath towels

Cups for water

Trash bags

Sponge and cleanser

Hand soap

Pajamas and change of clothes


  1. ChowOldFat said,

    Laundry detergent

    I’m not seeing any food.
    And get plenty because the entire town is coming over.

    • silversprung said,

      Whoops! Good additions. Thanks, ChowOldFat. And yes, we can only keep the masses at bay for so long.

  2. Jenn G said,

    Flashlight. (In case you need to get up in the middle of the night)
    A sheet and pushpins (temporary window coverings if needed)
    Coffee maker

    I kept these items as well as the ones you mentioned in the backseat of my car so they wouldn’t get lost amid the chaos. They were the first things we brought into the house.

    Good luck with your move- hope the weather holds out. It rained the day we moved into our house in Silver Spring too! 🙂

  3. Welcome to Silver Spring!

    Sounds like you’ll want a raincoat and/or umbrella handy if the forecast goes as predicted.

    How about a camera?

  4. Terry in Silver Spring said,

    Take something for mindless entertainment that night, a couple books or a TV. You will be really tired, of course, but I tend to lay there too physically tired to sleep and need something to get my mind off spinning through the details of what needs to be done.

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