March 12, 2010

Ode to Renting

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Today is the final full day of my ten year tenure as an apartment renter, and I thought I’d take this time to reflect back on some of the good times and the bad times in my rental history.

For example, the time my “super” (who was anything but) decided that mice in my apartment was something I should get used to.  Mind you, I was in a 300 sq. ft. studio at the time, so there weren’t too many places for me to go without being in the line of sight of the mice. Eventually, I pounded on his door at 2am and he brought up a box of about ten glue traps and threw them on the floor. I then proceeded to find half-dead mice in agony all over my apartment.

That place wasn’t all bad, well, it didn’t have air conditioning, and anyone who lives in the D.C. area knows you need some air conditioning in the summer, especially on the 6th floor of a building. But it was located directly above a 7-11. (Can you say cheeto-fix at 3am?)

There was also a woman living in the laundry room. That was fun.

Or the place I rented in the middle of nowhere Virginia that had an enormous community pool, which was so nice in the summer. But we had a cat that refused to let us sleep at night.

Or the time I rented a room in a house of eight girls. And by room, I mean a box with no windows except a skylight. Thankfully there was never a fire there! But I was with friends and we had a deck.

And then there’s our current place where the rent is great and the location is amazing and they fix everything within 24 hours. You will be missed, apartment.

Renting has been good to me.

But bring on the equity!

See you Monday when I’ll be blogging from the new house for the first time.


  1. patiocrasher said,

    You’re quite proud of your “ten year tenure” in the lede, aren’t you 🙂

    • silversprung said,

      Renter, 1998-2008 (chairman 2006-2008).
      Political Highlights: No previous office

      Oh patiocrasher…

      • deckcrasher (for precision's sake) said,


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