March 18, 2010

We’ll Just Split That, Thanks

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Moving day was going smoothly. Silversprung spouse was at the store, I was directing the movers, and the rain had slowed to a steady drizzle.

I watched three movers shoulder our queen size mattress up the staircase, bending and folding the thing and cursing in Spanish. Then came the boxspring.

“It doesn’t fit.”


“This isn’t going up.”

“But our bedroom’s upstairs. The previous owners did it.”

“Well it’s not going up.” The mover showed me the height between the step and the low ceiling above the stairs. I helped them lift the boxspring by inches into multiple positions. Left. Right. On a slight diagonal over the handrail. He was right.

SSspouse came home and all five of us tried it again, to no avail.

Then the movers left and determined SSspouse and I made a third attempt. We ripped that weird black cloth film off one side and tried a fourth time.

We’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor ever since.

“What are they going to do?” you ask. Well, it turns out there’s a solution, and from just my cursory conversations with people about this situation, apparently you don’t know the solution until it happens to you or someone you love: it’s called the Split Boxspring.

Anyone who has an old house or a narrow staircase apparently knows this secret. Us first-time homebuyers had no idea. We first called 1-800-MATTRES (leave off the last “s” for savings) to find out if these are readily available.

“Do you have split queen boxsprings?”

“Couldn’t get it up the stairs, huh?” the 1-800 MATTRES guy said.

“How did you know?!”

“I get four of these calls a day.”

So we went down to a mattress store and sure enough, they’ve got them in stock. We’ll be sleeping above sea level Saturday. Until then, it’s floor sleeping for us.

We’re just pleased there’s a solution and we don’t have to buy an entirely new bed set. Fun times.

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  1. Well that’s better then what happened to my friend. She renovated her bathroom and built a new bigger one, but the jacuzzi didn’t fit in through any of the doors or the window. The contractor disappeared, didn’t take her phone calls and never finished the job. She’d call and hear his son say, “Dad, are you home?” The answer of course, was always, “No.” Finally another contractor came and tore out a wall to put in her jacuzzi. It was a lot of stress.

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