March 22, 2010

Hit the Deck!

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A bed. A bed. We have a real bed! (Of course, they forgot to include the second split box spring with our order so we have no place yet for guests, but still…)

And the weather in the DC-area was just amazing this past weekend, wasn’t it?

That leads us to our next purchase….

Deck furniture was in our future, but silversprung spouse and I decided to up the timeline a little on account of the nice weather. We had the set already picked out. (Yeah, I know it’s Martha Stewart. So sue me.) So we went over to Home Depot and decided to size up the boxes and see if we could haul it home ourselves. Turns out, a seven-piece outdoor set plus a huge umbrella is way too many square inches for a station wagon.

But, lo and behold, Home Depot came through for us. They offer delivery, which is great, but us impatient silversprungs took it a step further. Home Depot lets you rent one of their pickups at $19 for 75 minutes. Helpful Home Depot employee, Mark, secured everything with twine and we were off!

That was a great find — and we plan to use that service again now that we know about it.

Then we started opening the boxes…

We discovered many things about ourselves over the next two and a half hours. I will list them below for your amusement:

1. I cannot read directions.

2. Silversprung spouse is not handy with miniature disposable tools made for children.

3. I am good with miniature disposable tools made for children. (Yeah, laugh all you want. My hands are normal size, I swear.)

4. I underestimate silversprung spouse’s capacity for brute force.

5. I really can’t read directions! I skipped around so much that we had a swivel chair built and two “extra” brackets lying next to it at one point.

But it’s built. And we’ve already been able to offer one guest a seat outside. And we’ve used it for every single meal since. (Even for breakfast when it was really early and I was really too cold to eat out there — just ’cause.)


  1. M said,

    One of my best buys in regards to moving and purchasing new self-assembled furniture has been a cheap Black and Decker power tool screwdriver/drill. Never again have I had to use the the tiny wrench or metric twirl-screw-thing that seems to come with every IKEA purchase. And that makes my little hands and pudgy fingers are very happy.

  2. JCphilatemap said,

    Your story about tiny, disposable tools reminded me of the time I rang my Uncle Dave’s doorbell, in Brooklyn. He opened the door, smiled, and handed me a brand-new toilet seat. “Hey, how ya doin’? We need you to replace the downstairs toilet seat, OK?” I had a reputation in the family as someone who could fix things, a reputation that sometimes led to such greetings. “Got any tools, Dave?” I said as I squeezed inside past him. “Yeah, here’s a screwdriver right here!” As my wife sat down for a civilized visit, I made my way to the toilet. The screwdriver was an antique: six inches long, wood sides, and a chisel shape you don’t see too often these days: oval. Trouble. But I tried. I tried as the screwdriver’s wood sides crumbled in my hands as I twisted. I tried as the quarter-inch-wide oval chisel point kept slipping out of the three-quarter-inch-wide bolt-head slot. Fifteen minutes later, Uncle Dave stuck in his head: “Hey! So what’s taking so long — they said you were handy?”

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