March 25, 2010

Anniversary Dinner in Silver Spring?

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I’m counting on your help, sprungers! Silversprung spouse and I have an anniversary coming up. We had our hearts set on a place in D.C., but it’s been booked up for months and so far they haven’t had any cancellations.

What restaurants would you recommend in Silver Spring for an anniversary dinner? From cheap to chic and in-between. I want to hear it all!



  1. Andrea said,

    Maybe not for an anniversary… but I do like Copper Canyon Grill in DTSS for any occasion. The chicken caesar salad is great!

  2. Terry in Silver Spring said,

    Jackie’s is nice. The neighborhood is not conducive for a romantic stroll, but the food (with the new chef) is good and it’s neat looking inside

    Vicinio’s has really good Italian food and an old fashioned, friendly feel.

    Ray’s The Classics has good steaks, but is pricey.

  3. deckcrasher said,

    If Silversprungspouse takes you to Tastee’s, I will personally serve him drinks and snacks in the (still uninspiredly-named) mancave during every relevant sporting event for six months.

  4. I HATE Red Rock Canyon Grill – only good if you do not want to hear your spouse or see your meal. Deafening and dark = not romantic.

    Jackie’s and Vicino’s are nice.
    Also look at Sergio’s and Mrs K’s Wine Cellar.
    Sergio’s would be my top choice.

  5. ChowOldFat said,

    Maybe not romantic enough but I’ll put a vote in for Taste of Jerusalem.

    Mrs. K’s is a good recommendation seeing how you are new to SS and should hit all the ‘classic’ venues at some point.

  6. Kate said,

    We like Ray’s a lot – but we are willing to spend for a good meal, and Ray’s is still priced less than another restaurant of comparable quality. We went to Sergios a few years ago and liked it, and went to 8407 on their second night last night – that was really nice. I have only been to Jackie’s once, and i don’t remember enough about it to recommend, and have not yet been to Mrs K’s.

  7. Eric said,

    We usually do Ray’s or Jackie’s for special occasions if we want to stay in downtown Silver Spring. Service can be an issue at Ray’s but the food is usually great. If you want something that’s great food but very casual and a bit off the beaten track, you should try the Old Post Office and General Store which is just outside the Beltway- great food, unique decor and a fun atmosphere.

  8. Steve said,

    Ok, as a frequent reviewer of Silver Spring restaurants on Yelp, I have to say that my number 1 choice for an event like this would probably be either Mrs K’s (in the wine cellar or upstairs) or possibly Ray’s. Mrs K’s has definitely improved in recent years in terms of the cuisine – it used to be frequented by the blue-haired lady brigade, but the menu has become more interesting and the addition of the wine cellar a couple of years’ ago has made it more of a foodie place. I think the problem with Mrs K’s is that people still think of it as only good for brunch on Mother’s Day, whereas I believe that it has become a decent restaurant.
    I’m also intrigued by the very new 8407 – chef Matamoros has a great reputation and the early reviews of the restaurant have been very positive.
    If you’re looking for something a little different then Cubanos can be quite good as can Jackie’s. Price wise they’re both a little cheaper than either Mrs K’s or Ray’s, but both still offer a quality product.
    If you want something even cheaper but still decent then Olazzo on Georgia Avenue is a good choice – fairly standard Italian fare in a nice enough setting (although a little dark at times). Sergio also does very good Italian but the ambience is lacking and it’s a little pricey.
    I hope this helps.

  9. Erin said,

    Add another vote for Mrs. K’s. The ambiance is very nice. As others have said, alternatives could easily be Jackie’s or Ray’s the Classics. Honestly, Steve probably summarized my dining tastes almost perfectly, but I thought I’d echo those regardless.

  10. silversprung said,

    I think we’re going with Jackie’s. Seemed to be the right mix for this occasion. Thanks for all the awesome suggestions and reviews!

  11. Terry in Silver Spring said,

    I went to 8407 last night, the new place by the soon-to-be transit center (the old Tiki Hut building).

    It’s AWESOME. Way better than Jackie’s.

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