March 25, 2010

Drink of the Day: 1

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After a hell of a day yesterday, I have decided to implement a new series on Sprung on the Spring called “Drink of the Day.”

Below is the first installment. Enjoy!

Cucumber Gin and Tonic

Don’t get grossed out by the cucumber just yet… First, picture a really warm day. D.C. humidity is ridiculously high. You’ve just nearly walked through water to get home, the air is so thick. You plunk down your work bag, grab a glass and some ice. Now… the Cucumber G&T.

I first sampled this drink at Light Horse Tavern in Jersey City, N.J. I enjoyed it so much I asked the bartender for the recipe. He said the secret to their version is the type of gin. They use Hendrick’s Gin at Light Horse, which is infused with cucumbers and rose petals (click on the Hendrick’s link- they’re website is old-tymey cool) but if you don’t have Hendrick’s on hand, the Tavern bartender suggested using any gin that’s heavy on the juniper, such as London Dry Gin.

Cucumber Gin and Tonic Recipe


Cucumber Slices (not mandolin thin- veggie platter thin)




Lime wedges


Muddler (can substitute a pestle, potato masher, or even a fork)

Old Fashioned Glass

Shaker (if you don’t have one, just cover your glass to shake)

Instructions: 1. Drop two slices of cucumber in shaker. 2. Muddle. (You know. Mash it up for a while.) 3. Add ice, gin and tonic. 4. Shake and pour. 5. Add a floating cucumber slice for garnish and a lime wedge on the rim. Voila!


  1. Dagmar said,

    I wasn’t looking forward to sultry DC summers until I read this.
    We brought home a fat Hendricks bottle from DutyFree, I can hear it calling now: “don’t forget to bring cucumbers home”
    Wifee and I are moving from the land of No Representation to your area next week.
    Love the blog.
    After getting ADT installed, spending hours browsing for patio furniture online, even more hours with FIOS customer service, getting pop-ins (while painting!), and throwing out clothes, it’s good to know we’re not in this alone.
    And now a “drink of the day”…. jeez this is going to be fun !
    (At least someone around here can remember something after drinking in NJ)

  2. silversprung said,

    I like that you referred to DC summers as “sultry.” You are too kind.

    Thanks for reading and welcome to the neighborhood!!! Feel free to commiserate here any time and let us know how the move goes!

  3. Dagmar said,

    I was going to refer to DC summer as akin to “living in a bowl of split pea soup” or “an August NYC subway platform”.
    I’m just looking forward to central AC (and a cuke-n-gin-n-tonic) as opposed to living in just the rooms with window units.
    Thanks for the welcome.. see you at Home Depot.

  4. Sounds like a nice Pim’s Cup

  5. JCphilatemap said,

    Ahh…cucumbers and gin: refreshing. If you like it, try cold sake instead of gin, add a splash of vermouth to your cucumbers, and you’ve got a saketini, courtesy of Sushi Lounge in Hoboken, NJ

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