April 12, 2010

It’s on, Bees

Posted in musings tagged , , , at 10:33 am by silversprung

We’re so happy to be in our new house. Our neighbors are welcoming. Our friends enjoy stopping by. But there are two Silver Spring residents that seem to be awfully pissed off at us for moving in.

Those would be two GIANT, dive-bombing bees.

At first, it was just an occasional bee sighting, but that’s morphed into full-on harassment. I’m not kidding. Within minutes of sitting outside, we hear the buzzing begin, look up, and there they are, circling overhead. One seems to have taken a particular liking (or disliking…) to me in particular. The bee is partial to hovering a foot from my face (and I SWEAR I can see it giving me the eye , or “eyes”) then rearing back and and flying full force into me, making a smacking sound and scaring me senseless.

Well bees, it was nice knowing you. Meet our new friend — hornet and wasp killer. There are lots of bee allergies in my family, and the last few times I was stung, it was approaching Benadryl time. I can’t take the risk, and we would hate to have our friends, or worse yet, their children, get stung at our house.

So yesterday I decided today was the day. I wanted to do something I have yet to be able to do in our new house — read a book outside. I took my seat, uncapped the can and opened my book. Sure enough, bee #1 quickly dropped by. First, it gave me the eye. Then, the taunting commenced. I picked up the can and started shaking. Silversprung pointed, aimed, and shot a spray of stuff at the bee.

Boy, was that bee pissed! Instead of falling down dead, bee #1 went crazy, darted angrily and started chasing me. So there I was, running away from the bee with the can in hand. Some spray… Maybe next time.

Bees: 1; silversprung: 0. Wish me luck.


  1. CJ said,

    We too were attacked by bees in our backyard this weekend! My husband wanted to impress us all and kill a bee that was chasing us and sure enough it stung him. Please post any stuff you find that works at getting rid of them! It’s US against THEM! LOL!

  2. Al said,

    The behavior description sounds like carpenter bees and they don’t have stingers, they just intimidate aggressively.

    See photo here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/deafdj/3526452962/

  3. deckcrasher said,

    point the first: killing living things lands you hell. at least, I think that’s what most major religions (and jainism) say, right?

    point the second: I’m not coming over again until you kill the bees. all of them. until they’re dead.

    ps what were you reading?

  4. JCphilatemap said,

    Sounds like carpenter bees moved in way before you, ‘Sprung, and have a home in your deck: give every inch of your railings a once-over, looking for quarter-inch-size holes. Had the same problem years ago in Sunnyside, Queens, and solved it by waiting until early evening, when bees are sleeping, and filling the hole(s) with wood putty. They checked in, but they won’t check out. No luck? Invest in a pest control company to do the same thing.

    • silversprung said,

      Aha! JCphilatemap and Al are right! Stay tuned for further bee developments…

  5. Dagmar said,

    I would gladly have traded places with you this weekend…. I went to clear any big rocks and branches from the yard in order to mow the lawn for the first time.
    I lifted some patio slates only to find more slate and bricks and broken concrete in what turned out to be a 4′ deep hole by 10′ wide.
    The snakes quickly evacuated but it was the two big black spiders that sent me into my Jesse Owens routine and screaming like a squeeky hinge. Sorry no photos but picture something that crawled on Johnny Carson’s head !
    They made the indoor stinkbugs I keep finding seem like gnats.

    • silversprung said,

      You’re already mowing the lawn at your new place!?? We are so behind you. We don’t even own a mower yet.

      • Dagmar said,

        Gotta love craigslist….. mower, weedwhacker, fertilizer spreader, a shovel (aka spider-slammer/snake decapitator) two rakes and a garden weasel for $100 !
        Don’t feel bad… you have patio furniture, we have beach chairs around a board of wood supported by two flower planters.

  6. silversprung said,

    I don’t like the sound of all these Silver Sprung Snakes… have yet to encounter any of our own

  7. […] After reading up on the options for dealing with our carpenter bees, I ended up spraying that hornet and wasp spray into the holes at night and now they’re dead. End of […]

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