April 29, 2010

Jackie’s Got a Brand New Chef

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We stopped by Jackie’s the other weekend and sampled food from their new chef, Diana Davila. Actually, we had no idea when we showed up that the chef and menu would be new, but our very very verbose waiter laid it all out for us.

She’s new to Jackie’s, but not to the restaurant world, having started cooking in her family’s restaurant in Chicago. Our server idolized the woman — he told us all about her history, her energy, drive, creativity, he even extolled her professionalism in the kitchen and her personality (yes, it was a very long “welcome to Jackie’s” speech.) It was a little weird, but we rolled with it.

Helpful server suggested we order anything on the menu with a Mexican twist, and added his personal suggestions. We were not disappointed. Silversprung spouse tried a dish because it was served with Oaxacan mole. It knocked our culinary socks off.

I tried a take on pho — tuna sashimi with buckwheat noodles (yes, that’s just about the farthest things from Mexican cuisine) but it was also awesome. Light and aromatic. But I think my favorite part of the whole meal was the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese. Oh yeah!

We don’t eat out often (read: never) but Jackie’s has quickly moved onto our short list.

I’m interested to try 8407, which everyone is blogging and tweeting about. Any suggestions of what to order there?

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