June 30, 2010

“No Train on Wayne”? The Purple Line Saga

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They dot the lawns and front entryways of many homes across Silver Spring- the purple “No Train on Wayne” lawn signs. I’m well-aware of the longstanding Purple Line metro project, but decided to do a little research on the reaction Silver Spring residents have to the plan.

I’m sure all you longtime residents know the story, but for all those readers new to the area and those who’ve never visited, here goes…

The proposed purple line would connect Prince George’s county in the east with Montgomery County in the west offering commuters a mass transit alternative to the Beltway. 

Last August, Gov. Martin O’Malley announced his choice of a Light Rail Transit system over a rapid bus system as the preferred method of transportation for the line. O’Malley said last year that LRT is favored because it’s more “cost-effective and rider-friendly” and argued that light rail has made many advances and won’t be as disturbing as other, older light rail systems.

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June 29, 2010

A Really Cold One

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Cheers! (Jaako/Wikimedia Commons)

We had just moved into our new house and despite the lack of seating or room to maneuver through the maze of boxes, we knew that unexpected guests were bound to show up. So we did the neighborly thing and stocked some snacks and drinks in the house in the event of visitors.

It was our first opportunity to use the extra fridge. That’s right! The previous owners bestowed upon us a full size refrigerator and left it plugged in and neatly tucked away in our basement. So we stuck in a few six-packs, figuring that would be a good thing to have on hand, and sure enough, our first house guest soon arrived.

So there we were. Me, silversprung spouse, and our guest. We chatted, we did the house tour and then we ended up in the basement. “And here’s our extra fridge,” we said and Vanna White-like opened the door to reveal the six-packs. SSspouse reached in and pulled out two cans of beer. The two of them popped the tops. Read the rest of this entry »

June 25, 2010

Weekend in The Spring

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Last night, I was taking stock of what’s happening locally this weekend, so I thought I’d share my findings. Feel free to add your own in the comments below! See you Monday!


  • SilverDocs The eighth annual SilverDocs festival, celebrating documentary films, is being held June 21-27, 2010 at the AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center and other locations in and around Silver Spring. For serious movie buffs, there are a range of packages available that offer you access to multiple events. For less commitment and less money, you can buy day-of tickets for a single show for $10. There are WAY too many film events happening for me to name, so just check out this link instead. $10 per film or purchase package deals
  • Pygmalion: See this George Bernard Shaw comedy classic at the Silver Spring Theater. General admission $20.
  • Frida Vice Versa: See this one-woman show about Frida Kahlo at the Round House Theatre in Silver Spring. $15. Saturday or Sunday. Read the rest of this entry »

June 23, 2010

Surprise, New Homeowner! Your AC Is Broken!

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Ah. It’s a monumental week for silversprung. Our first major unexpected home repair.

I’m sure all you longtime homeowners remember the first time your basement flooded, or when the pipes burst, the ceiling caved in, or the fridge stopped working. And I’m sure you fondly remember those unexpected major expenses.

Well, ours started with some condensation. Little drops lined the pipes leading to and from the indoor portion of our central air unit. The problem persisted, so I searched the Internet for an A/C company with good reviews and made an appointment. Read the rest of this entry »

June 22, 2010

Something’s Awfully Fishy…

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We had a party the other weekend, and silversprung spouse grilled up two whole Rockfish for our guests. (We got the Rockfish from Ocean City Seafood, of course.)

The dinner was delicious and the fish was a hit. But that’s not where this story is going.

After all our guests left, silversprung spouse debated about what to do with the fish carcasses. “The trash doesn’t get picked up for another seven days,” SSspouse noted.

Well it was late at night, so SSspouse wrapped those babies in trash bags and put them in our outdoor garbage.

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June 18, 2010

Smile, Mister Bus Driver. You’re on YouTube

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He’s witty. He’s crude. He has no filter.

He’s your Ride On bus driver, and he’s unstoppable.

Check out the video below

If you’ve been on his bus, you’d know it. He works the Silver Spring–Takoma route.

It starts like this: The doors close, you’re trapped. There’s silence. Suddenly, the driver yells out, “Who knows what bus this is?!” and he starts speeding down the street. The passengers unaware of the routine begin to panic. “Am I on the wrong bus?” their gaping mouths seem to ask. They frantically look from one fellow passenger to another for help. Just before they explode, the driver yells out: “Well, it’s the THIRTEEN bus! Ha Ha!!!” (which is, after all, correct). Much laughter ensues.

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June 17, 2010

World Cup: With Halftime Auction This Friday

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This just in from a reader:

For all you soccer buffs, the Catholic University Men’s Soccer program is hosting a viewing party in The Sprung on Friday at McGinty’s (remember sprungers? The bar Silver Spring Singular deemed the place to watch World Cup in Silver Spring?) Doors open at 9:30am.

An auction will be held at halftime to benefit the Cardinals’ eight day training tour in England this fall. Auction items include gift certificates and sports memorabilia, our reader passes along.

8407: Service With a Sneer

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The blogosphere had me really amped try 8407 Kitchen & Bar for the first time.

Maybe my expectations were too high? Maybe I’m picky? Maybe it was just an off night or a freak situation. You be the judge:

My guest and I showed up promptly for our reservation at 8407. I was digging the decor: the exposed ceiling, and the stylish booths on the second floor where we were seated. “This menu look great!” we said to one another, then turned to the wine list.

Ten minutes later, we’d made our selections and were ready to order.

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June 11, 2010

World Cup: Where to Go in The Spring

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I’m sure there must be hundreds of local lists detailing “Where to Watch the World Cup,” but Silver Spring Singular was kind enough to identify what will obviously be the best Silver Spring place to take in the action: McGinty’s.

On a side note, if you’re in the District, I know of some friends who are taking part in the public viewing that’s being set up in Dupont Circle.

Drink of the Day: 3 (Drink Like You’re in the Islands, Mon)

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St. JohnI haven’t posted a new drink recipe in a while, I know. So, inspired by a recent jaunt in the Caribbean, here’s a sampling of some of my favorites. Oh, and one non-alcoholic punch at the end for all you non-drinkers (and the rest of you can feel free to add some rum to that one.) Enjoy!

The Soggy Dollar Bar in St. John claims to have invented the following drink. Their recipe contains dark Rum, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple and Orange Juice, topped with fresh grated nutmeg. Of course, they keep their exact recipe a secret. Here’s a decent substitute: Read the rest of this entry »

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