June 18, 2010

Smile, Mister Bus Driver. You’re on YouTube

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He’s witty. He’s crude. He has no filter.

He’s your Ride On bus driver, and he’s unstoppable.

Check out the video below

If you’ve been on his bus, you’d know it. He works the Silver Spring–Takoma route.

It starts like this: The doors close, you’re trapped. There’s silence. Suddenly, the driver yells out, “Who knows what bus this is?!” and he starts speeding down the street. The passengers unaware of the routine begin to panic. “Am I on the wrong bus?” their gaping mouths seem to ask. They frantically look from one fellow passenger to another for help. Just before they explode, the driver yells out: “Well, it’s the THIRTEEN bus! Ha Ha!!!” (which is, after all, correct). Much laughter ensues.

One time when I was riding on his bus, he said, “now, don’t you go putting this up on YouTube… ’cause I’m already there! Check it out!”

So I did. And he is. That’s how I found the video above. I simply typed “Silver Spring Ride On Bus Driver” into the YouTube search engine. (It’s a multi-part series, by the way.)

The last time I was on his bus, he said, “Once this route ends. I’m having you all over for a big party! Alright?!” Some people shrugged. Others responded with a hearty, “Yeah!” Then the driver paused. “I’ve got donuts…” he said. No response. “And … some… BEER!” he shouted, which elicited some more yells, especially from the high school age kids on the bus. “I’ll bring the beer. You bring the straws!!!” he concluded, which left us all confused.

Donuts are a popular theme. Once he stopped the bus seemingly for no reason. “Alright. At the next stop, I’ve got donuts waiting for everyone,” he said. There were no donuts, but still.

Regardless of whether you appreciate his thunderous voice shouting out jokes for the entire ride, he certainly brings a lot of levity to an otherwise mundane commute.


  1. Joe in SS said,

    Drivers like this are gems in the system. Unfortunately, some HR robot will probably see this video and start using it in their driver training as a “caution” that they are always being recorded, and that they should have no personality whatsoever.

    Kudos to the man on the THIRTEEN!

  2. lilkunta said,

    I love this. This driver enjoy his job. This would make my ride home happy after a long hard day. I hope he keeps his spirit.

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