June 29, 2010

A Really Cold One

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Cheers! (Jaako/Wikimedia Commons)

We had just moved into our new house and despite the lack of seating or room to maneuver through the maze of boxes, we knew that unexpected guests were bound to show up. So we did the neighborly thing and stocked some snacks and drinks in the house in the event of visitors.

It was our first opportunity to use the extra fridge. That’s right! The previous owners bestowed upon us a full size refrigerator and left it plugged in and neatly tucked away in our basement. So we stuck in a few six-packs, figuring that would be a good thing to have on hand, and sure enough, our first house guest soon arrived.

So there we were. Me, silversprung spouse, and our guest. We chatted, we did the house tour and then we ended up in the basement. “And here’s our extra fridge,” we said and Vanna White-like opened the door to reveal the six-packs. SSspouse reached in and pulled out two cans of beer. The two of them popped the tops.

“Cheers!” they said and clanked the cans together. We should have known from the dull “thudding” sound that something was wrong, but they quickly tipped the beers back and opened their mouths.


They peered into the upside down cans. They gave them a shake.

Turns out it was a freezer and we had ruined three six-packs of beer.


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