July 2, 2010

Tomatoes in The Spring

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On this beautiful day in Silver Spring, ahead of a holiday weekend, I thought I’d share my first edible garden success. I bought a single tomato plant in May at the Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-op, stuck it in a pot and behold, tomatoes!


April 15, 2010

Bee Saga Part Deux

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Thanks to Al and JCphilatemap for commenting on my last post about our bees. Because of their tips, I figured out that our two bee friends are, in fact, one male and one female carpenter bee. From wikipedia:

Male eastern carpenter bees are curious and will investigate anyone, including humans, that comes near their nests. The curiosity is often interpreted as aggressiveness; however, the males are only aggressive to other male carpenter bees. They do not have stingers and cannot cause any real harm.

Okay, so that explains his interest in me and this next bit explains the hovering… (but mating with birds?!)

Males spend many hours guarding their territory against other males, hovering about the nests for hours on sunny days. They sometimes attempt to mate with other insects or small birds.

A weird trick to try on a male (that I will NOT be trying…)

An interesting trick to use to “move” a male carpenter bee out of the way is to pick up a small pebble (roughly the size of the bee), then toss it past the bee. They will attempt to chase it, distracting them for a few moments, long enough for a human to get by.

I decided there must be a nest for these two somewhere in our backyard. The females literally bore holes into wood to create their nests. So I started looking around, and BINGO! (Picture after the jump) Read the rest of this entry »

April 14, 2010

A Tribute to Town Mascots (Penguins Not Included)

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I received an inordinate amount of feedback on my post about Silver Spring’s penguin mascot.  (To readers in far away places — see what I mean? I even managed to humor a seasoned local blogger with my naivete on penguins. I’m just happy he’s reading.)

So I decided to dedicate today’s post to all the other town mascots out there in North America (I’m not even going to start on all those UK soccer mascots, there’s one for every single team and town.) So bring us your weird, your senseless, your disturbing.

See photos below (and yes, it was fun collecting these.)

Bow Island, Alberta’s Pinto MacBean

“Designed by Jane Osborne and unveiled to the public in 1992, Pinto MacBean was created to promote tourism and signifies the importance of the dry edible bean industry to the area.”

Um, okay. Regardless, I want to own this printed on a t-shirt. (Note: contact Bow Island tourism board.)

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March 22, 2010

Amusing Picture of the Day

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We were dropping off a few clothes on Sunday at the Giant. Couldn’t resist the photo op:

March 12, 2010

A Spring Reminder…

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On this gray, rainy day, here’s a little reminder of spring in D.C. to carry you through the weekend.

(Photo taken almost one year ago in D.C. Enjoy!)