June 17, 2010

8407: Service With a Sneer

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The blogosphere had me really amped try 8407 Kitchen & Bar for the first time.

Maybe my expectations were too high? Maybe I’m picky? Maybe it was just an off night or a freak situation. You be the judge:

My guest and I showed up promptly for our reservation at 8407. I was digging the decor: the exposed ceiling, and the stylish booths on the second floor where we were seated. “This menu look great!” we said to one another, then turned to the wine list.

Ten minutes later, we’d made our selections and were ready to order.

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April 29, 2010

Jackie’s Got a Brand New Chef

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We stopped by Jackie’s the other weekend and sampled food from their new chef, Diana Davila. Actually, we had no idea when we showed up that the chef and menu would be new, but our very very verbose waiter laid it all out for us.

She’s new to Jackie’s, but not to the restaurant world, having started cooking in her family’s restaurant in Chicago. Our server idolized the woman — he told us all about her history, her energy, drive, creativity, he even extolled her professionalism in the kitchen and her personality (yes, it was a very long “welcome to Jackie’s” speech.) It was a little weird, but we rolled with it. Read the rest of this entry »

April 13, 2010

Goldberg’s Answers My Bagel Prayers

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As an original New York-area transplant, I’d long given up hope of finding a decent bagel in D.C. Sure, a few places in downtown D.C. carried H&H (Port of Piraeus, some place near 18th and Columbia that closed a few years ago, and I can’t remember where else) but those H&H’s were never fresh.

So I was delighted to read on Silver Spring, Singular that Goldberg’s Bagels was coming to The Spring! (Take that, Bagel Feud!)

One sesame with veggie cream cheese later and I’m hooked. Bethesda Bagels never did it for me (not dense enough) but this was the real deal. Can’t wait to try more.

Now if I could just find a decent diner nearby. Any suggestions?

March 29, 2010

First Night Out in The Spring

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This past weekend, we experienced something new. For the first time since our move, we had the time, the energy, and (most unusually) the very real desire to leave our new house for a break. So we ventured out for a quick dinner in downtown Silver Spring.

Silversprung spouse and I decided that we wanted Indian food, and since we still don’t yet have regular Internet or a phone book, we drove downtown in the hopes that we would spot some type of Indian cuisine. We came across Planet Bollywood, so we checked out the menu. SSspouse peered through the tinted glass to make certain people were eating there (my litmus test- I will never be the first table seated if we’re trying somewhere new) and we took a chance on it. Read the rest of this entry »

March 25, 2010

Anniversary Dinner in Silver Spring?

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I’m counting on your help, sprungers! Silversprung spouse and I have an anniversary coming up. We had our hearts set on a place in D.C., but it’s been booked up for months and so far they haven’t had any cancellations.

What restaurants would you recommend in Silver Spring for an anniversary dinner? From cheap to chic and in-between. I want to hear it all!


February 26, 2010

El Gavilan: Hype or Hyper Delicioso?

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I’ve been hearing about El Gavilan for a while now, even though I don’t live anywhere near it. Now that it will be in my new city, I’m trying to track down some reviews for the place.

It’s billed as the most authentic and delicious Salvadoran food around. The reviews on Yelp! suggest that customers have few complaints about the food itself, which is good. But the words “karaoke hour” threw me for a loop. Hmm… karaoke and Salvadoran food?

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February 24, 2010

Mayorga and Costco: A Match Made in Bulk Goods Heaven

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Mayorga, we barely knew ye

Nestled between the buckets of Folgers and Maxwell House in one of the Beltsville Costco’s food aisles Sunday sat large, fairly priced bags of Mayorga coffee. I was shocked. The Maryland-based coffee part of the Mayorga corporation had obviously been doing well.

Mayorga Coffee Factory in Silver Spring was an awesome find for us. We loved the coffee, what the company stood for, and the atmosphere of the Silver Spring location.

But I just searched for a link to Mayorga’s Silver Spring location. IT CLOSED in December! Apparently it moved to Takoma Park, so it’s not far, but still… come on Mayorga, work with me here.