February 24, 2010

Mayorga and Costco: A Match Made in Bulk Goods Heaven

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Mayorga, we barely knew ye

Nestled between the buckets of Folgers and Maxwell House in one of the Beltsville Costco’s food aisles Sunday sat large, fairly priced bags of Mayorga coffee. I was shocked. The Maryland-based coffee part of the Mayorga corporation had obviously been doing well.

Mayorga Coffee Factory in Silver Spring was an awesome find for us. We loved the coffee, what the company stood for, and the atmosphere of the Silver Spring location.

But I just searched for a link to Mayorga’s Silver Spring location. IT CLOSED in December! Apparently it moved to Takoma Park, so it’s not far, but still… come on Mayorga, work with me here.


February 23, 2010

A Wrong Turn Yields Big Fish

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Rockfish... yum

Rockfish... yum

Last Sunday, silversprung spouse and I decided to drive around Silver Spring. We had to make a supermarket stop, so we checked out the Giant on Arliss Street. That shopping trip was fine, but that’s really not the point of this post…

After the supermarket we tried to drive home, but turned down the wrong street.  That’s when silverspring spouse yelled out, “There it is!”

I scanned the strip-mall horizon for something exciting. As I waited with bated breath, silversprung spouse pointed out a red, non-descript awning that read: Ocean City Seafood. “That’s it?” I asked. Silversprung spouse (herein referred to as SSspouse) said the place came highly recommended and SSspouse wanted to check it out. I was tired from a day of running errands so I decided to wait in the car.

I won’t make that mistake again. Read the rest of this entry »