July 6, 2010

Drink of the Day: 4 (Beat the Heat)

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It’s going to be 101 degrees today in The Spring. (I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in.) I thought the jump in the temperature signals that it’s time for the latest installment of Drink of the Day.

Today’s drink was inspired by a recent trip to Jackie’s Sidebar where we were pleasantly surprised by the creative use of fresh herbs and infused liquors in their mixed drink offerings (more on Jackie’s Sidebar coming later this week.)

Ruby Red Rosemary Recipe:

4 oz pink grapefruit juice (fresh or bottled)

1.5 oz vodka

Sprig of rosemary

Instructions: Pour over ice in a highball glass, then mix using a sturdy sprig of rosemary. Let sit for 5 mins, stir again and serve. Leave the sprig in the glass as you sip for a truly aromatic experience. Optional: Infuse your vodka ahead of time with rosemary by heating up the herbs and letting them seep into the plain vodka. Another option: Add salt to the rim of your glass.


June 11, 2010

Drink of the Day: 3 (Drink Like You’re in the Islands, Mon)

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St. JohnI haven’t posted a new drink recipe in a while, I know. So, inspired by a recent jaunt in the Caribbean, here’s a sampling of some of my favorites. Oh, and one non-alcoholic punch at the end for all you non-drinkers (and the rest of you can feel free to add some rum to that one.) Enjoy!

The Soggy Dollar Bar in St. John claims to have invented the following drink. Their recipe contains dark Rum, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple and Orange Juice, topped with fresh grated nutmeg. Of course, they keep their exact recipe a secret. Here’s a decent substitute: Read the rest of this entry »

April 2, 2010

Drink of the Day: 2

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Here is the second installment of my Drink of the Day series. This one was inspired by the welcome sunshine and all the nice weather forecast for this weekend. I’ve made this for bbq’s as well as indoor dinner parties. It’s cool and refreshing, but has one cooking step: the simple-to-make simple syrup.

Lemon Vodka Granita

It’s cool. It’s delicious. It has booze in it. You can’t really go wrong. Granita is an Italian dessert of sorta-frozen water, sugar, and flavorings. Unlike an Italian Ice or a snow cone, this is supposed to have a slushy, eat-with-a-spoon consistency. Perfect for hot days.

Due to all the cooling time this recipe requires, it’s a make-ahead drink.

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March 25, 2010

Drink of the Day: 1

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After a hell of a day yesterday, I have decided to implement a new series on Sprung on the Spring called “Drink of the Day.”

Below is the first installment. Enjoy!

Cucumber Gin and Tonic

Don’t get grossed out by the cucumber just yet… First, picture a really warm day. D.C. humidity is ridiculously high. You’ve just nearly walked through water to get home, the air is so thick. You plunk down your work bag, grab a glass and some ice. Now… the Cucumber G&T.

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