June 23, 2010

Surprise, New Homeowner! Your AC Is Broken!

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Ah. It’s a monumental week for silversprung. Our first major unexpected home repair.

I’m sure all you longtime homeowners remember the first time your basement flooded, or when the pipes burst, the ceiling caved in, or the fridge stopped working. And I’m sure you fondly remember those unexpected major expenses.

Well, ours started with some condensation. Little drops lined the pipes leading to and from the indoor portion of our central air unit. The problem persisted, so I searched the Internet for an A/C company with good reviews and made an appointment. Read the rest of this entry »


February 26, 2010

El Gavilan: Hype or Hyper Delicioso?

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I’ve been hearing about El Gavilan for a while now, even though I don’t live anywhere near it. Now that it will be in my new city, I’m trying to track down some reviews for the place.

It’s billed as the most authentic and delicious Salvadoran food around. The reviews on Yelp! suggest that customers have few complaints about the food itself, which is good. But the words “karaoke hour” threw me for a loop. Hmm… karaoke and Salvadoran food?

A smattering of review quotes: Read the rest of this entry »