March 4, 2010

Fillmore Re-Opening Not All Good News

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When I wrote last week about the planned Fillmore renovation and re-opening in Silver Spring, I questioned whether there was any pushback from the community about this giganticly awesome new venue. Well, Jason Tomassini broke it down for us in The Gazette yesterday.

Apparently, these are some top reasons why you wouldn’t want a 2,000-person capacity concert venue in your backyard:1. 2,000 drunk people exiting a concert simultaneously

2. 2,000 drunk people going home simultaneously

3. 2,000 drunk people making noise simultaneously

4. A new eight-level parking structure (read: eyesore)

5. Businesses in the area will have to share loading docks and alleyways with the new venue

4. Noise

(I’m still all for the Fillmore. It will be awesome. Now if we could just save Sligo…)

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  1. bob fustero said,

    I said the same thing about a large concert venue about a year ago.

    It is too big for the area- not only will your have 2000 noisy drunks, you will have a larhe number of them using the parking lot, alleys and trees as public urinals.

    A percentage of these drunks will be driving.
    Some might get rowdy and vandalize property.

    There have been some noisy areas)bars, restaurants) in D. C. that had to close because of the noise affecting homes and apartments.

    I think Silver Spring will rue the day they allowed a large conceert arena to be built in the middle of the city close to residential areas.

    Bob Fustero

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